A Materials Science Company on a Mission

AquaSmart™ is a research-driven innovator leveraging advanced materials science to improve countless traditional substrates. For example, our water-related products leverage a revolutionary polymer coating process that absorbs, retains and releases water in an unprecedented fashion, improving the use of H2O in concrete, energy, agriculture, sports and countless other industries.

Oil & Gas

The patented self-suspending sand provides enhanced transport and self-suspension properties, helping our energy customers increase oil and gas production by up to 26%, while reducing cost per BOE.


Rigorous third-party testing has shown that our patented concrete technology limits cracking by reducing shrinkage and enhances hydration with its internal curing abilities which are proven to enhance the overall service life of concrete. Objective observers confirm that AquaSmart™ is on the verge of transforming the construction industry.

Lawn & Garden

AquaSmart™ PRO is a super absorbent sand that improves growing conditions by increasing the nutrient and moisture holding capacity of the soil. It absorbs 12x it’s weight in water, builds a stronger foundation of roots and is biodegradable and non-toxic. It’s like adding millions of tiny sponges allowing you to Water Less and Grow More.


There is essentially no limit to the which our patented polymeric seed coating processes can be applied. Our coated seed technology provides enhanced germination, early establishment, and overall crop yields in both agriculture and horticulture industries.

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