AquaSmart’s keen focus on innovation and rigorous testing is also impacting the Oil & Gas industry, in the form a patented self-suspending sand technology that improves the transportability of frac sand (proppant). We worked closely with one of the industry’s largest E&P companies to prove our product’s value in the lab and in the field. This led to our Superior Silica Sands partnership and the SandMaxX technology….The groundbreaking technology behind SandMaxX™ is more than just remarkable science. It’s also great business. By distributing proppant evenly throughout the fluid column and creating a more complex propped fracture network, SandMaxX™ dramatically increases hydrocarbon yields and speeds well completions. In fact, SandMaxX™ has increased cumulative production by an average of 26% over offset wells targeting the same formations in the same fields with equivalent designs. At the same time, SandMaxX™ reduces water and chemical volumes, and the associated transportation and handling costs, resulting in higher profitability from every well.

SandMaxX’s proprietary, dual-polymer coating is the next evolutionary step in well performance. Incorporating eleven patented processes, SandMaxX™ is unique in the industry and is offered exclusively by Superior Silica Sands as the only patented dry-polymer coated suspension technology boosting EURs while reducing chemical and water usage.

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