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AquaSmart™ Enterprises, LLC is a material sciences company on a mission to provide engineered solutions to critical challenges. For example, we have maintained a focus on water, driving innovation to optimize its use in increasing production in Oil & Gas, extending the service life of Concrete, expanding crop yields in Agriculture, and growing lush turf and plants under watering restrictions for the Lawn & Garden industry. These are just a few examples of our research-driven approach and engineered solutions for critical material science challenges.

The heart of the AquaSmart suite of water-related products is a patented polymer coating process with uses ranging from hydraulic fracturing sand (proppant) and concrete fine aggregates to turf grass and agricultural seeds.

Water has been around forever, but supplies are threatened by a growing global population and competition for resources. By helping customers use this critical resource better, AquaSmart is helping businesses succeed while making the world a better place.

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