About AquaSmart™

AquaSmart™ Global About Us

AquaSmart™ Enterprises, LLC is a materials science company on a mission to provide engineered solutions to critical challenges. For example, we have maintained a focus on water, driving innovation to optimize its use in increasing production in Oil & Gas, extending the service life of Concrete, expanding crop yields in Agriculture, and growing lush turf and plants under watering restrictions for the Lawn & Garden industry. These are just a few examples of our research-driven approach and engineered solutions for critical material science challenges.

The heart of the AquaSmart™ suite of waterelated products is a patented polymer coating process with uses ranging from hydraulic fracturing sand (proppant) and concrete fine aggregates to turf grass and agricultural seeds.

Water has been around forever, but supplies are threatened by a growing global population and competition for resources. By helping customers use this critical resource better, AquaSmart™ is helping businesses succeed while making the world a better place.

Our Leadership

  • Calder Hendrickson
    Calder Hendrickson Chairman & CEO

    Calder has been the driving force behind AquaSmart™ and its relentless pursuit of profitable innovations since he founded the company in 2010. Drawing upon a lifetime of athletic competition, he takes a team-focused approach to challenges, building a unique leadership culture that encourages sensible risk-taking, hard work and personal accountability. Whether you recognize him from the Forbes Magazine’s Energy 30-Under-30 or towering over Bob Barker on the Million Dollar episode of the Price is Right, Calder is known for his keen intellect, warm personality and ability to get the deal done. He brings a scratch golfer’s focus to identifying the potential in diverse technologies, validating them with intensive research and bringing them to market. As a result, he has engineered and developed a series of allied proprietary products that are changing the game in a variety of markets ranging from oil & gas and concrete to lawn & garden and agriculture. When Lubbock Christian University named this former baseball player its Young Alumnus of the Year in 2017, Calder’s wife, Ceri, said “that’s nice, honey” then told him to keep an eye on their two kids.

    • Jared Blong
      Jared Blong President & COO

      Jared is a seasoned bootstrapping entrepreneur and energy executive with a successful operational and financial track record including back to back listings on the Inc. 5000’s top 1000 in 2018 and 2019. He also led a successful asset sale in 2020 generating triple digit returns on invested capital by fostering a people driven culture of human flourishing and operational excellence through relentless problem solving. Jared loves building successful teams, and his ability to think creatively and find innovative solutions is born out of his experience leading teams in various industries. He is skilled at devising and executing strategies to improve capital deployment to efficiently drive increased stakeholder value.

      • Todd Naff
        Todd Naff Chief Commercial Officer

        Todd has been part of the AquaSmart™ leadership team since day one, bringing a lawyer’s analytical mind and an athlete’s competitiveness to the company’s everyday operations. Whether this native Texan is fine-tuning our manufacturing processes, tracking research programs or interacting with key suppliers, he maintains a steady hand on the AquaSmart™ tiller. His marketing degree from St. Edward’s University comes in handy when he’s overseeing all things customerelated, be it providing direct marketing and sales or providing technical support to marketing venues. He and his wife, Tessa, make their home in Lubbock where they enjoy listening to music and watching baseball (Todd was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 1997). She also lovingly helps him keep his golf habit under control.

        • Dr. Oliver Mulamba
          Dr. Oliver Mulamba Chief Technology Officer

          Dr. Mulamba’s Engineering expertise is enhanced by a remarkable depth of wisdom shaped by exposure to a variety of cultures and global issues from a young age. Oliver was born in Brussels, Belgium and his parents later made the decision to move back to their native Zaire. With disrepute and the genesis of war in Zaire, the family fled and landed in the middle of apartheididden South Africa. What should have been a pit stop on the way back to Europe, turned into a long adventure and partaking in the historical events that have shaped Southern Africa. Recognized for his academic and athletic ability, Oliver was offered a college soccer scholarship in America. He seized the opportunity and completed three Engineering degrees in efficient fashion, a BS from West Texas A&M University, an MS from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. He and his wife, Layne, are raising their family in a faith-centered home in Lubbock.

          • Andy Larned
            Andy Larned National Sales

            While we can’t confirm he’s ever sold a ketchup popsicle to a lady wearing white gloves, Andy is definitely the salesman’s salesman. His sales skills took shape over eight years spent crouching behind home plate in the Boston Red Sox organization, convincing pitchers to lay off the fastball, but they were refined during more than twelve years as a highly regarded financial adviser building a portfolio of more than 400 clients. With responsibility for the full scope of our national sales efforts, he devotes a large part of his focus to our Lawn & Garden business where our water-management solutions are transforming the industry. While he dreams of someday living in Lubbock, this Fairfield University graduate currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Tiffany and two daughters.

            • Andrew Prater
              Andrew Prater Commercial Team

              When it comes to his sales & special project responsibilities, Andrew applies a distinct entrepreneurial mindset developed over nearly two decades of building a variety of successful small businesses focused on assessing and coaching people’s unique talents. Having formed a strong affinity for turf while playing baseball in the Florida Marlins organization, he is directly engaged in our Lawn & Garden division, crisscrossing the country to tell our story to builders, landscapers, groundskeepers and anyone else whose turf needs water. Andrew suspects that his wife, Meredith, and their two children are humoring him when they ask to re-watch his appearance in several Hollywood feature films, including Mr. 3000 and Parental Guidance, but he appreciates it all the same.

              • Karl Lamming
                Karl Lamming Manufacturing Director

                Fortunately for Karl, the AquaSmart™ warehouse he manages has doors that open to the great outdoors, so he can at least catch a breath of fresh air and dream of his next fishing trip (or hunting or skiing…) before ensuring the efficient and effective distribution of our industry-disrupting products. Most weekends, you won’t find Karl or his wife, Laura, at home because they’re probably out hiking, climbing, or hunting doing what the truly outdoorsy among us are meant to do.