As drought and water restrictions parch the world around you, keep your lawns, landscaping and sports surfaces lush and healthy with our super absorbent sand.

“Keeping it lush” is harder than ever and it’s only going to get tougher.

No matter how much the demand and prices for water go up, people are still going to want lush green lawns, landscaping and sports fields. However, changing weather patterns, growing populations and the economic realities of water scarcity are on the verge of upending the lawn and garden industry. As the world approaches a crisis point, new solutions are needed.

That solution is here and it’s a company known as AquaSmart™.

Our proprietary technology is built into an expanding family of cutting-edge products that are designed to maximize the impact of available water by fighting the effects of dehydration, reducing runoff, and holding nutrients in place. Our Lawn & Garden Division is changing the business from the roots up.

If you’re in the business of keeping it green, it’s time to check out AquaSmart™.

AquaSmart™ Technology Demo


AquaSmart™ is the newest tool for landscapers to improve their customers growing conditions. It allows lawns to stay greener longer and with less water. [Suggesting additional text here for each of these categories.]


AquaSmart™ will improve the growing conditions of any soil. Absorbing valuable water and nutrients thus lengthening the periods in between watering. [Suggesting additional text here for each of these categories.]

Sports Fields

AquaSmart™ got its start on Major League Baseball fields. Improving the playing conditions of the infield skins and turf by holding more water. [Suggesting additional text here for each of these categories.]

Horse Arenas

AquaSmart™ enhances the feel and performance for any arena blend. Increasing the moisture holding capacity of the footing and reducing dust. [Suggesting additional text here for each of these categories.]

Golf Courses

AquaSmart™ allows superintendents to keep stubborn teeboxes, greens, and hot spots green with less watering. Saving labor time and reducing hand watering. [Suggesting additional text here for each of these categories.]

AquaSmart™ Pro

AquaSmart™ Pro is a professional grade super-absorbent sand that improves growing conditions and acts like a water-harvesting system that reduces leaching and runoff and keep’s your root zone moist longer.


Lawn Saver is a consumer grade super-absorbent sand that increases the moisture holding capacity of your soil. Applications include top dressing on existing sod, under new sod, potted plants, and great for transplants and annuals.

Interested in distributing or licensing any of our technologies?

The chemical bonding strength of our technology is rivaled only by the tight, trust-based bonds we form with our business partners and our innovative culture with 25-plus different patents in seven years. Let’s talk.