Putting water to work for you

Water absorbent technology has been around for years but AquaSmart™ has cracked the code on making it truly useful with the ability to steadily release the water it absorbs. Our patented technologies create a delivery mechanism for water and/or fertilizer to optimize growing conditions for plants ranging from turf to food crops. How can our technology help you?


AquaSmart™ Coated Sand

AquaSmart’s™ highly-absorbent sand is an unparalleled delivery mechanism for HydroGels blended with any desired nutrient or chemical.


AquaSmart™ Coated Fertilizer

AquaSmart™ coating technology allows fertilizer to deliver needed nutrients while making the soil more water and nutrient efficient at the same time.

AquaSmart™ Lawn and Garden Coated Seed

AquaSmart™ Coated Seed

Our coated seed keeps the water close, dramatically improving the chance of a successful germination even without consistent watering.

AquaSmart™ Lawn and Garden Prills

AquaSmart™ Prills

AquaSmart™ Prills are not only the most efficient hydrogel size, they can also be blended with any chemistry to improve water usage and nourish any garden.

Interested in distributing or licensing any of our technologies?

The chemical bonding strength of our technology is rivaled only by the tight, trust-based bonds we form with our business partners and our innovative culture with 25-plus different patents in seven years. Let’s talk.