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Sorry we missed you. Our on-site proppant coating systems are coming soon to a well-site near you to revolutionize the way slickwater jobs are pumped. We will be back shortly with more details. Thanks.
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Prior to H2O
ProProp™ prior to H2O
Beginning to Suspend
ProProp™ beginning to suspend
ProProp™ suspended
A game-changing patented coated proppant technology that is a proprietary blend of FR’s built on your proppant, giving you performance that no other fluid system can achieve.


Add our dry coated proppant into your blender and have a low viscosity fluid system in seconds


Transports your proppant better than traditional slick water or HVFR with lower pressures, while increasing rock contacts and decreased screen outs


The first capital efficient coated proppant that will enhance your bottom line

Permian Basin Proven Success

Design: 25% slickwater with 100 mesh and 75% ProProp™ 40/70 mesh

Reduced pressures by up to 2,000 PSI

Same pressure 120BPM with ProProp™ compared to 100BPM with Slickwater

Slickwater trying to screen out - ProProp™ smooth sailing

Slickwater vs. ProProp™

1 GPT FR Slickwater

  • Poor Proppant Transport
  • Higher Pressures (Turbulent Flow)

ProProp™ Technology

  • Enhanced Proppant Transport/Rock Contact
  • Lower Pressures (Laminar Flow)
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PropTester Report on AquaSmart's Coated ProProp™ Technology

Pressure Data

Erosion Data

Midland basin pad trial with AquaSmart technology

AquaSmart Pad vs. Slickwater Control Pad

12 Month Production

AquaSmart Pad is outperforming the control pad by 55.9% and is among the best pads for this operator in the Midland Basin

Midland Basin 3 Well Field Trial: Production

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