AquaSmart Welcomes Dr. Oliver Mulamba

LUBBOCK, TX – AquaSmart Enterprises today announced the hiring of Dr. Oliver Mulamba as the company’s new Director of Technology.

“When it comes to materials science, there are few minds on par with Oliver’s,” said Calder Hendrickson, CEO of AquaSmart. “He brings a global perspective and a passion for innovation to everything we do, whether we’re enhancing sand for hydraulic fracturing, improving properties of concrete, or innovating ways to improve agriculture in drought-afflicted areas.”

Dr. Mulamba joins AquaSmart from the faculty at West Texas A&M University where his teaching and research has focused on applications of nanotechnology, energetic materials, and phase change materials.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, he lived in both Zaire and South Africa, where he graduated high school. He received a soccer scholarship to attend college, initiating his American adventure. He used this scholarship as a foundation and ended up earning three engineering degrees: a BS from West Texas A&M University, an MS from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University.

Oliver and his wife, Layne, are raising their family in a faith-centered home in Lubbock.


AquaSmart™ Enterprises, LLC is a materials science company on a mission to provide engineered solutions to critical challenges. Their expertise in coating substrates is increasing production in Oil & Gas, improving properties in Concrete, expanding crop yields in Agriculture, and growing lush turf and plants under watering restrictions for the Lawn & Garden industry. By helping customers use critical resources better, AquaSmart™ is helping businesses succeed while making the world a better place.

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