AquaSmart™ Technical Advisory Team

  • Dr. Matthew D’Ambrosia, P.E.
    Dr. Matthew D’Ambrosia, P.E. Principal with MJ2 Consulting, PLLC

    Matthew D’Ambrosia, PhD, PE, is a Principal with MJ2 Consulting, PLLC, with nearly two decades of experience in concrete materials behavior and research, including characterization of mechanical properties, development of new experiments, numerical modeling, and mixture optimization. His interests include materials optimization for specialized applications, durabilityelated mechanisms such as volume change and cracking, as well as new approaches to prediction and verification of service life, durability, and sustainability. He has expertise with large infrastructure and energy projects throughout the US, such as bridges, highways, dams, and power plants. His areas of research expertise include early age volume stability, creep and shrinkage of high-performance materials, self-consolidating concrete (SCC), fibereinforced concrete, shrinkage reducing admixtures (SRA) and internal relative humidity. He also has experience instrumenting and monitoring structural and material behavior in concrete bridges.

  • Dr. Oliver Mulamba
    Dr. Oliver Mulamba Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. Mulamba’s Engineering expertise is enhanced by a remarkable depth of wisdom shaped by exposure to a variety of cultures and global issues from a young age. Oliver was born in Brussels, Belgium and his parents later made the decision to move back to their native Zaire. With disrepute and the genesis of war in Zaire, the family fled and landed in the middle of apartheididden South Africa. What should have been a pit stop on the way back to Europe, turned into a long adventure and partaking in the historical events that have shaped Southern Africa. Recognized for his academic and athletic ability, Oliver was offered a college soccer scholarship in America. He seized the opportunity and completed three Engineering degrees in efficient fashion, a BS from West Texas A&M University, an MS from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. He and his wife, Layne, are raising their family in a faith-centered home in Lubbock.